Dear Friends – Here is your February Staff Blast – to keep you informed.

From Michael;

Imagine a conversation that takes the judgment out of our feelings about discussing money… that opens up the Bible’s vision of our relationship with “stuff”… that helps us grow in faith as we wrestle with our finances.  That’s my hope for this year’s Lent series, “The Freedom to be Faithful.” For the next five Wednesday evenings we’ll celebrate Eucharist at 5:30 pm, a Soup Supper will be provided at 6:00, and the program will begin upstairs at 6:45, ending with Compline at 8:00. Please come when you can and leave when you must, and if you need childcare, contact the church office in advance (303-794-1565 or

This week Karin Sugarman will talk about “Following a Faithful Discipline,” telling her family’s personal story of not only learning to live within their means, but being able to make financial decisions as God calls them. If this conversation would be helpful to you, please come!

Rev. Michael


From Cammie:

“Whazzup”, Deacon?


From Lindsay:

January and February are months of reports and record keeping for me. The National Church asks us for a Parochial Report – a snapshot of how we are doing. It is a compilation of numbers, how many folks we have, how many baptisms we have done, how many funerals and many other counts. The Diocese also wants those numbers and a few more as well. Many more questions and numbers going to various reporting agencies. These reports are really just a compendium of facts.

What I see is an active, thriving community here at St. Timothy’s. We were just named a Jubilee Center for Ministry. We care for each other and for those who have no one to care for them.  We are opening our doors to the neighborhood, young and old alike. And, we are breaking bread together, in the Sanctuary and outside it.

Thanks be to God!




Lindsay Leaman

Parish Administrator

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church