Music has long been a large part of St. Tim’s identity. Every service has organ preludes, postludes and hymn accompaniment. The choir sings at the second service on Sundays; festival services frequently include brass and/or string ensembles. Other ensembles and hand bells intersperse various styles of music. Worship services at St. Tim’s are traditional in nature with a liturgical focus.

Adult Choir

Because the Choir takes the summer off, we find ourselves reassembling in late August, finding out who’s still there, who’s moved away, and who are those “new people” we hear singing in the pews? You would be welcome to join us at one of our rehearsals, held on Thursday evenings at 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

It’s very important to recognize that this is a “volunteer” choir, and that we don’t have try-outs. While we covet people who read music, that is not a prerequisite for this group! If you like to sing, come see what we’re all about, and find out that we are not a bunch of snotty, stuck-up folks! In fact, we’re a pretty cool bunch of folks, and we laugh a lot (especially at the accompanist), and sometimes, when she’s not quite all-together, the Director of Music, who also happens to be the conductor of the Choir.

So, please, come see what we do, and chat-up some choir members and you’ll discover a whole new plateau of service to the Lord – we guarantee it!


Adam Torres