I’m a conservative

Among a lot of my peers, I realize I’m a conservative. In fact, I’d bet my whole month’s pay you are too. Now, when I say this, I’m not thinking about a religious or political category; I’m not thinking about the religious fundamentalism that arose in our country in the 19th century and that is prevalent today or a certain partisan politics (I hope you see, too, that such categories are not always helpful).

The best seller of all best sellers

Every year, over 100 million Bibles are sold or given away. It is the best seller of all best sellers. There is no question about it. The Bible is life changing. It enraptures the mind, takes over the heart, confounds our thinking, and sometimes confuses us to no end. The Bible is a deep and tempestuous sea, which carries us across choppy waters and the doldrums of life, to new and unexplored lands of the heart.

A time for us to celebrate!

This Sunday, we have one worship service at 9am, followed by our Annual Meeting. Sunday school and childcare will be provided. This Sunday is a time for us to celebrate our common life together here, as we root ourselves in our faith and, in particular this Sunday, the witness of our patron saint—St. Timothy. Perhaps you know something of St. Timothy, perhaps nothing at all—so, let me share just a few words about him.

Peace in this season

By now you might be feeling the rush of the season with last minute shopping, preparations, and school finals! It is that time of year. Know that with all of the frenetic energy, there is peace at the center in knowing God’s love. So, take some time this week and find a moment or some space to take a deep breath and rest in your belovedness and the goodness of God’s creation around us.


You are loved!

I don’t know about you, but I find myself, during these weeks leading up to Christmas, simultaneously filled by the joy and anticipation of the season, as well as running from one activity to another, barely on top of what’s coming next. This year in particular, it might feel like four weeks is not enough time to get ready for Christmas. There is a sense, perhaps, that “I just can’t get it all done.” Well, here’s the good news: You don’t have to.

Breaking bread together in celebration

There are few things that bring people together like some good food. In my family, we celebrate life’s big moments with food. We just can’t seem to really do anything well without breaking bread together. Food brings people together. Indeed, every week, we are brought together by a bread that gives us life and reminds us that we are God’s.

God needs you

The gifts of being and belonging in community are so powerful. And yet, they are not always obvious as we rush through our days. Here at St. Tim’s I’ve noticed the powerful and sometimes, hidden, gifts of community. For example, the power of being community with and for one another is clear at our weekly book study on Tuesday evening, as we discuss race, racism, and our Christian faith in our country.