We are never alone

Lent. Not growing up in the Episcopal church, I knew very little about the season of Lent, other than giving up or sacrificing something for six weeks prior to Easter, and that I saw more advertisements for fish at fast food restaurants. Throughout the years, I have grown in my own understanding of what this special and sacred time of the year means and how each of us reflect and respond.
From my oldest memories as a child, I was always told that I never am alone, God is always with me. I have found comfort and strength in that statement.  This is also something that I try to impress upon not only my children, but all of the children in my care during Sunday School.  Being armed with the knowledge that we are never alone and that God loves each of us so much that he never leaves our side, and we need to talk to Him. Right?
Pray. Such a simple yet complex word. A word that means so many things to so many people but at its core has a single purpose.  Keeping this in mind, throughout our daily lives our own prayers change, not only the way we pray, but what we pray for. Many times while in prayer, my mind starts to wander and I have to stop and refocus (scolding myself) as the worries of the day interrupt my time with God. I am sure God has a little chuckle. Lately, I have invited God to have a moment of pure silence with me. As I am sure there are must be times when He needs quiet time too. I invite each and everyone of you to stop, and think about when you first began to pray and how it looked and felt , how your prayer life has changed since those first prayers. Your conversation with God is so important. I just know he loves hearing from you.  
During the past month, I have been researching prayer, the various ways that not only we pray, but also those of other faiths. During the Lenten Soup Super series, the children’s programming hour will be learning and exploring prayer. Not only the foundations of prayer, but also the different ways that not only we as Christians pray, but those of other faiths as well. We will be creating a prayer journal that each child will be able to keep and reflect back on during their quiet times.
As we celebrate and prepare our hearts during this special season, I would like to leave you with this beautiful Buddhist Prayer of Peace.
May I become at all times, a protector for those without protection.
A guide for those who have lost their way.
A ship for those with oceans to cross.
A bridge for those with rivers to cross.
A sanctuary for those in danger.
A lamp for those without light.
A place of refuge for those who lack shelter.
And a servant to all in need.
Your sister in Christ,

Kellee Jentz
Children's Ministry Coordinator