Grief is a Powerful Thing

Grief is a powerful thing. If you’ve ever experienced it—then you know this to be true. If not in your mind and heart, then certainly in your body. I say this because we also live in a culture that doesn’t like to talk about grief. We don’t talk much about the pain inside us, the sadness, and even the feelings of isolation, out-of-control-ness, and fear. I get it—that’s not a list of the top-ten I’d want to talk about either. But, we need to if we want to live fully. Grief—not a topic you necessarily imagined to read about in the eNewsletter. But, this Sunday, we’ll hear the story of one man’s grief at the death of his son. This man is king David. It’s an overwhelming moment in David’s life; so overwhelming, no one wants to be near him or talk with him or engage him. Sounds like grief to me. Not just David’s reaction, but also the reaction of others. It’s hard to be vulnerable in this world; it’s hard to be connected with ourselves and our emotions in our hyper-fast, hyper-consuming culture. But, we have got to pay attention to our grief if we are to live. Grief is not simply about the death of a loved one or a tragic event, it also comes to us in life transitions, kids moving away, loss of a job, a sense of “stuckness”, the onslaught of despairing news, or the realization that life is not going where we planned. Grief is a part of our lives and a part of all of us. I’m willing to bet that you are holding some grief from recent or long-ago events we just haven’t attended to in the ways we maybe need. I don’t know, only you do. But, this Sunday, we are going to reflect upon grief together. I’d encourage you to come and be present, invite a friend who might need to hear they are not alone or a word of encouragement. And maybe even find some time between now and Sunday to pause and reflect: What am I grieving? We do this work together and in our own ways and that is good. Let’s come together on Sunday to hear the story of David and his grief and in it, hear God’s loving call to us all that we are never alone and deeply loved. Indeed, I know, I’m grateful for you and that we journey together here at St. Tim’s.

See you Sunday,