A time for us to celebrate!

This Sunday, we have one worship service at 9am, followed by our Annual Meeting. Sunday school and childcare will be provided. This Sunday is a time for us to celebrate our common life together here, as we root ourselves in our faith and, in particular this Sunday, the witness of our patron saint—St. Timothy. Perhaps you know something of St. Timothy, perhaps nothing at all—so, let me share just a few words about him. Timothy was a Gentile who was converted by Paul. It appears that Timothy accepted the Christian faith at the end of a long and deep personal struggle. It was not an easy step to take—perhaps because of family pressure against it. But Timothy was also confronted with a community of early Christian believers that were not the most welcoming to his kind—that is, Gentiles. We read that Timothy had to go through some trials to be welcomed in to the community (Acts 16:1-3). Paul embraced Timothy and he accompanied Paul on some of his missionary journeys. What is often overlooked from our standpoint is that Timothy was rather young and inexperienced and yet, Paul and the church entrusted him with missions and matters that helped form the very life and history of the church. Timothy would become the first “bishop” or leader of the church in Ephesus. It was there that he was beaten to death by a mob whom he had opposed because of their immoral religious practices. What is striking to me is how our patron saint had to overcome great hurdles to simply accept and be accepted into the Christian faith. In spite of those challenges, maybe because of them, he became a quick leader and did not allow age or rank to dissuade him from leading. Indeed, faithfulness, love and devotion to Christ saw him through situations that he could not have imagined. It is this faithfulness that we celebrate this Sunday. It is to this high calling that we are invited by Christ. It is together that we live this out in community here at St. Tim’s. It is this faith that will lead us on—a faith that is not of our own making, but given to us by the one who is eternally faithful, Jesus Christ our Lord. I look forward to celebrating together this Sunday.

See you on Sunday!