How is God speaking to us through the words of scripture?

Over the past couple weeks (and into the next couple), we have heard and will hear of the story of King David. In particular, we heard of the tragic and foolish story of the abuse by David and misuse of his power against the woman Bathsheba. Mother Terri preached a powerful, challenging, and faithful sermon this past Sunday about that story. If you haven’t heard it, I encourage you to take the time to listen to it:


The story of David and his rule is a complex one. This coming Sunday we will hear about the prophet Nathan, who comes to David to bring judgement and speak truth into David’s heart. But sadly, the story remains focused on David and not the injustice brought against Bathsheba—as Mother Terri reminds us, the oppressed (often women, in the biblical narratives) are always at the heart of God, even if the text ceases to speak their names. This Sunday, we won’t walk away from this tough story; instead, we’ll stick with it and ask the questions of faith: What is God speaking to us through this tragically human story? What do we make of scripture when it speaks of such unsettling realities in our world? How have we misunderstood or misread this well-known story of David? The truth is that God is speaking through the words of scripture; God is speaking through the life of this world. Let’s listen this week and together, this Sunday, to God’s voice among us: calling us to God’s very heart. It is there, where truth and love meet that we find our freedom. The stories we have heard and will hear in the coming weeks from Second Samuel are challenging, unsettling, disturbing, and subversive—precisely because they show us our humanity, our frailty, and God’s call to justice. Let’s seek to answer God's call together.

See you Sunday,