Exciting News Coming

This Sunday we have a big announcement as a parish family. It’s exciting and good news that will both inspire and challenge us. And so, it’s good that we continue to hear from the first letter of John this Sunday about God’s presence and love in our lives. It’s helpful to know that the community to whom 1 John was written was at an important moment in its life together. If you’ve spent some time thumbing through the letters of the New Testament you’d sense something is going on for the community of 1 John because the author talks about one thing a lot—and I mean, a lot: love. We Christians return to first things, to our priorities, our bedrock during important times; in particular, the love of God, the love of Jesus. Our reading from 1 John this Sunday reminds us to always stay focused on the love of God, stay connected to living our faith and trust that God is with us. Remember who and whose you are—it’s a consistent theme. We are reminded that we are all intimately linked together as sisters and brothers in Christ, as children of God. This Sunday we’ll be reminded that each of us is connected to Jesus and so just as love connects us to Jesus, so do our pains, sufferings, and hurts (even those we commit). It’s a way of reminding us that everything is connected to the God who comes to us in the Word made Flesh. It’s why we are told, time and time again in 1 John: love one another; keep my commandments; God is love; we love because God first loved us. Everything is held in love; or another way of saying: nothing is lost to God’s love. We are in this love life together as a family growing in faith, hope and love.
I hope you can be with us on Sunday to hear the promise of God’s love and how we, at St. Tim’s, are working to grow in God’s call of love to us in our mission to embrace all people with the love of Jesus. We have big news to share with you and we are thankful, before all else, to God for God’s goodness and faithfulness and that God has called you, all of us, here, together in Jesus’ name.
See you Sunday,