Summer is a special time.

Summer is a special time. Families are taking vacations, parents are wondering how in the world teachers survived their children, sports practices are warming up, family gather for reunions, and the colors of the season are all around us. Sometimes, things slow down this time of year. Sometimes, nothing much really changes. Wherever you find yourself this summer season know that St. Timothy’s is with you. Whether you’re on the other side of the globe or just around the corner, know that we are together. We are bound together in prayer, in thanksgiving, in the love of Christ. This past Sunday we baptized two children into the Body of Christ; we baptized them into the promises of God. And at the heart of this covenant is the promise that God makes to us—that we are never separated from God in Christ. So this summer season, which may be beginning for some of us early with travel or time away, know that we are still one even if we are separated by time or distance. Our life together here at St. Tim’s continues even as the summer is upon us. In a week we will host Family Promise; we are busy searching for both a Director of Music and an Associate Priest; we gather for worship, break bread together, visit with one another, study the scriptures, offer care and prayer. And in the midst of this all we are reminded that God is with us. Today, is Ascension day, that day that we remember Christ ascending to the heavens—going to prepare a place for us while promising the gift of God’s Spirit with us always. It is a way of saying: God is with us now and always, beyond all time and in all places. As we journey to various places and spaces this summer, we pray it is a life-giving time held in the promise that we are bound together in God’s love


God be with you and bless you.