Thoughts from Terri

Our Gospel for Sunday contrasts the very humanness of Jesus’ disciples with Jesus’s vision of the Kingdom of God. We encounter Jesus and his disciples on the road, and while he was teaching them, they were arguing about who was the greatest. Even they knew this was silly, so when Jesus asked them what they were arguing about, they were silent. So Jesus told them plainly, “Whoever wants to be first must be last of all and servant of all.” Being a servant is something we have to learn how to do; especially for Americans, it doesn’t come naturally. Our first response to collaboration is often to assume we are the greatest. And that can get in the way of being a servant. Sunday at the ten o’clock service, we’ll hear from Wynn Walent, who is the director of the Colorado Haiti Project and also a musician and recording artist. (You can hear some of his work on YouTube by following this link or opening YouTube and searching for Wynn Walent Top Tracks.) He will be sharing his music, the story of his work with CHP, and how his life and art have been influenced by his relationship with Haiti and its people. The Colorado Haiti Project has taught individuals and the institutional church how to truly serve others by letting go of our sense that we know what to do. Our siblings in Haiti know their needs, and they invite us to join them in meeting those needs. We offer our service to others who are the experts. Presenting ourselves to serve rather than direct is an experience that can change us forever. By sharing more of his story with us, Wynn will invite us into the truth that Jesus spoke in today’s Gospel. We hope to see you there!