Spring and all it brings.

From The Rector

Spring is upon us and signs of life in the natural world are all around us. May is a month when life is crazy for many of us. There are graduations, job searches, vacations to be planned, yard work to be done, projects to turn in, family gatherings, and the church season of Easter and Pentecost as we celebrate the promises of new life in Christ. Amid all of the rush, transitions, and thresholds of life that are so obvious during the spring season, it can be easy to forget what is always before and with us. This simple truth: you are loved by God today, tomorrow, and for all time. Trust that. Claim it, own it, know it in your heart of hearts—however you want to talk or think about it, trust that it is true. Let’s not try to offer God our best performances or live up to expectations from those who are only trying to sell us something. God is not interested in selling us a bill of goods that will make us good; God is not interested in our perfection on Sunday as if blind to our struggles on Tuesday. Instead, God knows who we are, sees the fullness of our hearts, is acquainted with what we try to hide or overlook. God has felt the meanness of our humanity, the disregard of our appetites, and the self-centered gaze of our eyes as people. God has seen and known all of this in the flesh, we say—that is, in the person of Jesus the Christ. This is the radical profession of our faith in the Cross and Resurrection. God knows us, just as we are, right where we are; even as the world bursts forth with new life, we may not be feeling such newness or we might feel the life-giving warmth of a new day. Wherever we are in this life, Jesus comes to us and says, “Peace to you. I love you. You are mine. I will never leave you. I will never forget you.” This Sunday we will hear this good news once again as we find ourselves in the disciples, especially Peter, who sees the risen Lord and cries out—My Lord and my God and runs to the source of the only life worth living. This love of God is the foundation of our life together at St. Tim’s. We offer it to one another in uncertain times and in times of great hope. We offer this love to all whom we meet and to all we welcome in. This love is for you. Trust it. Claim it. Know it. It is all for you; it is all for all.

Come and hear about this promise of God's love at the 9am Adult Forum, as I’ll be leading a two-part series on baptism and communion. Come and hear this good news as we explore Peter and Jesus talking honest to one another as they share a meal together. Come, invite a friend, and let us offer and celebrate God’s abundant, life-giving love.

See you Sunday,