Being Found

When was the last time you lost your keys? Or, your wallet? Maybe, even your homework, car, or favorite jacket? The feeling that comes close to the anxiety of realizing you’ve lost something, is the joy that comes with finding it. “Oh, there are my keys!” “Whew, I found the wallet.” “That’s where we left the car.” It feels good to find things that were lost. But what is even better than finding something is the sensation of being found. Being found is all about being known and loved. Being found is all about sharing our lives and being embraced. Being found is all about feeling lost and then suddenly coming home. Jesus reminds us that God’s deepest desire is to find us, that we might be found and loved and embraced. We hear on Sunday how the heavens are filled with joy over the lost, the outcast, the sinner, the brokenhearted, the downtrodden, you and me, coming to know God’s grace and mercy, forgiveness and love. It is offered to us in Jesus, it is offered to us every moment through God’s Spirit among us. This is God’s heart—to love and forgive, to celebrate and rejoice. We will hear on Sunday how God’s love is like a woman who searches for one coin, only to find it, and then, throw a party over this “finding”. Imagine that, spending the coin on a celebration you throw after having found the coin. It doesn’t necessarily make sense. But joy doesn’t always come to us in understandable ways—it simply comes.

This Sunday, we’ll celebrate the give of God’s love among us. We will welcome Adam Torres, our new Director of Music; we’ll share in reflecting upon our lives and faith in the Adult Forum as Dr. Will Gravely begins a 3-part series on race in America and our faith. Come and hear the most powerful of messages that God loves you, celebrates you, and rejoices in knowing you. It can be hard to believe this when we reflect upon our lives and world in the solitariness of our lived lives—that’s why we need to come together and be reminded. You are loved. Life is full of joy. Let’s celebrate together!

See you Sunday,