Change is a hard thing!


Change is a hard thing—let’s be honest. I had a spiritual mentor who said to me, quite bluntly, after I went on blabbering about my frustrations with something changing in my life: “Nick, life is always changing. There is not such thing as a static life.” She was right. I mean, we like to think that a life of balance is possible or “once things settle down” we’ll find that happiness we’re after. But, things are always changing: in our selves, our bodies, and the world around us. And it’s not all fun and games. If I’ve learned anything about accepting change it’s that we’re okay with it as long as we’re the ones controlling it. Or, we’re okay with it because we’ve accepted the truth that we can’t control it. It’s still hard, though. We’ve been struggling with change over in the Myers house. Boys are headed to new schools and growing up. We’re donating baby clothes and touching them one last time is like letting go of a part of what we’ve known and lived for four solid years. It’s hard. Here at St. Tim’s we’ve had several deaths of beloved parishioners and friends over the past few months. There is some grief and pain with these changes. It’s hard. Our congregation is growing and we’re welcoming new people every week. Some of us are saying: “I don’t know anyone anymore! Isn’t it great!” Change is a hard thing—and it carries with it a seed of the new. I’ve come to believe what my spiritual mentor told me about change—life is always changing. We must choose to embrace the change and we must choose to also name our loss in the process. This is what makes change not only bearable, but also enlivening, which is to see new life coming forth from places we didn’t expect and learning things about ourselves we didn’t know. In the life of faith, we might learn to welcome the change knowing that it can be a chance to not only embrace the newness that is breaking forth, but also letting go and trusting our very lives to God.