Walk Humbly

A few weeks ago, the marquis here at St Tim’s displayed Micah 6:8 “to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.”  As I read that passage every day on my drive home, I was struck by “walk humbly.” Humility is not an act we often see on display in our every day lives or that is celebrated as a virtue in our culture.  I suppose it wasn’t in Jesus’ time either.  But, I believe we would all agree that walking humbly was a major characteristic of Jesus, the man, and how he lived his life all the way to the cross.  What keeps us from walking humbly with our God?  I pose this question as it is one that God has placed on my heart this season of Lent.  As we continue to make our way toward the cross, what are the habits, ideas, identities or beliefs that we carry with us that keep God at a distance?  I know God is tenderly showing me what those are in my life so that as I approach the cross, I can surrender them to Jesus in his death, knowing resurrection is on the other side.  God is making all things new and that includes me and you.  That’s great news.

Dana Van Breemen