Most of all Love….That is the curriculum!

August is an exciting month for me.   It is a time for preparation and anticipation as the next school year will soon begin.    Summer is a time of relaxation, and renewal, a time of reflection on the previous year and a time to enjoy the weather and family and friends.   But, when August arrives, things begin to change.  For a child, it is a time of anxiety and anticipation. a time when there are many unknowns  ahead…new teachers, new things to learn, old friends to see again, new experiences and new classmates to meet. 

As a teacher, I look at August in a different way.  It is a time for planning curriculum, sharing new techniques, engaging with colleagues, and looking forward to all those wonderful sweethearts I will be teaching in the coming year.  Their eagerness to learn always gives me such inspiration to do my very best, to share my love for them, encourage them to strive for greatness, use their full potential, and to see the best in themselves.  I always have a special prayer that I repeat every day – that God will always be on my shoulder guiding me to do my very best.  I learned early on in my career that every single thing you do or say as a teacher in class will be repeated in some household at the dinner table that night. It is always my goal to encourage and advocate for my sweethearts.  We teachers have a great responsibly to our students to give them our very best at all times. 
Teachers come in all forms.  They are not just those whom the children meet in the classroom.  They are also parents, adults they meet in their daily lives and even other classmates that they encounter every day.  I was reminded several Sundays ago that we are all teachers.  Our children may not say anything but it is certain that they notice how we treat other people, our respect for others, and our kindness and love for each other.

As Fr. Nick reminded us … they are always watching us and learning from us.  It is so important to remember that respect, kindness and acceptance of everyone is shown not only by our words but by our everyday actions.  As children grow, we (parents and teachers alike) must teach them to become independent and thoughtful, kind, respectful and independent adults.  These skills will help our children interact with others in the future.   I invite all adults to look at August as a time to remember that all of us are the teachers who will be the most important influence on the children of the future.

Respect, Kindness, Acceptance and Love.  Most of all Love….That is the curriculum!   

Patty Lewis
Director of Music