Considering our Gifts

On February 3rd, the community of St. Tim’s will have the opportunity to approve the financial budget for 2019.  This budget represents the generous surrender of resources by this community.  After many months of listening to the Spirit, hard work and conversation by the Finance committee, this budget reflects the financial representation of the values of St. Tim’s for the coming year.

In the same way, my guess is that each of us engage to some degree with the cultural practice of taking stock of our desires for the new year to better ourselves in our own finances, health, diet and relationships by making resolutions that align our intentions with our practices.  These can be wonderful changes meant to improve our lives.

I wonder, though, how many of us consider how we nurture our relationship with God by taking stock of our spiritual practices.  How well do we on a personal level participate in the practice of emptying of ourselves so that God can fill us with his heart and love through the power of the Holy Spirit?  Do we feel we are living life trusting in God’s abundance and generosity?  What practices do we employ that allow God to reinforce his goodness even when life is hard?

God our Father is the source of all love and provision.  He gave his Son Jesus so that we can be freed from sin and death, scarcity and fear. As God is challenging my own heart, I invite you to discover a spiritual practice this year that draws you closer to the abundant and generous love of Jesus.  In doing so, we are promised a life filled with grace and forgiveness for all people, following in the ways of Jesus in our practical, everyday life.

Dana Van Breemen