Thanksgiving is upon us.

From The Rector

Dear Friends,

Thanksgiving is upon us and is the beginning of the holiday season of planning, festivities, and sometimes hand-wringing. As the days turn to night sooner, we would do well to be reminded that even in the darkness there is need of joy and celebration. Surrounded by night we have special need of fellowship to remind us we are not alone.

I pray that this Thanksgiving will be a grace-filled gift for you and loved ones. This day of gratitude should speak to our hearts, for gratitude is one of the few things we cannot fake. Thanksgiving may happen in unexpected ways – a kind gesture from a friend, knowing forgiveness when we have behaved poorly, recognizing we have received more than we deserve, discovering we have let go of an old resentment, and on innumerable other occasions. Gratitude can rise from us in the most unexpected moments and it is perhaps one of the truest forms of prayer to God—“Thank you.”

As we gather at our various tables this Thanksgiving, I pray that your heart is filled with gratitude to God for the gift of this life. I will be giving thanks for you and our community here at St. Tim’s. In just a little more than a week and a half, we will be opening our doors to, preparing food for, offering relationship with, and serving a group of neighbors who are experiencing homelessness. We will be hosting the families of Family Promise of Greater Denver starting on the afternoon of Sunday, Dec. 2nd through the morning of Sunday, Dec. 9th. There are still opportunities for you to serve and we need your help to fully care for and welcome these families. Please take a moment to see if you can help by clicking here and signing up. If you are able to volunteer and serve please take a moment to look at our website for all the details here.

It is an honest prayer of thanksgiving to God, when I say: “Thank you for St. Tim’s; thank you for this place and these people.” I am thankful for you and our life together.

God’s deepest peace to you,