Today I would like talk to you about commitment. The definition of commitment is devotion, faithfulness, allegiance. Commitment shows up in a church in many ways. Devotion and faithfulness are hopefully part of every member of a church. But this is not always the case. 

The church choir is one of the many ministries which is an integral part of the Episcopal church. They have special skills which make them unique.... they can sing! And they love to sing! They love to sing for the Lord! Sooo, they spend two hours or more every week together. They rehearse or practice learning music which will be used in worship and praising the Lord every Sunday. They learn to make their voices blend together, end their consonants together, make their vowels consistent together, tune their voices to correct pitches together ....... and on Sunday they even have to walk and sing verses and stay together. Not only all that, but they are always at every service...special services.... and even contribute their talents during the summer when they are supposed to be on vacation. They love to sing! They do this together ..... as a team! They are devoted to the choir and even more to their faith. That is a lot to ask of volunteers. But they love to sing! And that is why they commit to the time and hard work. It is a unique ministry because they do everything together. 

But our choir here at St. Tim”s is even more. Yes, they spend a lot of time rehearsing and working on music with the intent of doing their very best and always working to improve, but they are also a family. I have been a member of many, many choirs and singing groups in my life and this choir is different. They are a family. Their devotion to St. Tim’s goes way beyond their commitment to the choir and extends to making sure the family of the choir is well and taken care of . This caring for others extends all over the church. Most of the members are involved in many other ministries within our church. These people embody commitment to Christ. I feel very privileged and honored to work with this group of Christian musicians. St. Tim”s is extremely lucky. They inspire me to continue to learn and share my knowledge and love of the Lord and music every day.

Patty Lewis
Music Director