Being Good Neighbors

From the Rector:

I have been looking forward to this upcoming Sunday for some time. Ever since I first visited St. Tim’s—before I was called here—my imagination was sparked by the possibilities of building relationships and partnerships with Arapahoe High School and our surrounding neighbors. When I first arrived in late 2016, I reached out to Arapahoe High School to see how we could be good neighbors. That was maybe an odd question to ask, but it remains core to who we are as a suburban church. You see, there is no city center to root our sense of community. We have more fences than open front porches, and if your neighborhood is similar to mine, people often drive their cars into the garage and disappear into climate controlled homes. My point: it can be hard being neighborly in this community. And many of us, and I’ve heard it, experience things such as loneliness, isolation, and wonder how we love our neighbors who we don’t often get to see. Well, after nearly a year and a half of conversation and listening, I invited Shannon Kershaw to come and talk with us about her work and the lives of our teens quite simply because some of our nearest neighbors here at St. Tim’s are the hundreds of teens at Arapahoe High School. This Sunday at the 10am service and the 9am Adult Forum, Shannon will share with us about her life, her work, and the lives of these teens who are our neighbors and our children and our grandchildren. So, bring your questions and bring your love of neighbor because God is calling us to deeper relationship and deeper commitment in this suburban world we call home. I am looking forward to it.
Also, this Sunday, a group of us from St. Tim’s and others will be traveling to Haiti to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Colorado Haiti Project, a ministry we support. In addition to the celebrations in Petit Trou de Nippes, we will be visiting with fellow Episcopalians in Port au Prince. We ask for your prayers during this trip and know that you remain in ours as we are on this journey.
Friends, this Sunday will be a wonderful time to invite neighbors and friends to experience, not only the goodness of St. Tim’s and the wisdom of Shannon Kershaw, but the deep abiding love of God made real through the Body of Christ—that is, you all! So, invite a friend and neighbor, and let’s celebrate the riches of God’s grace, the goodness of community, and the joy of God’s love.
See you Sunday!