What Season is it anyway?

This past week has left many of us scratching our heads wondering, what season is this? Spring? Winter? I know I have. Just like the seasons of weather change, and are unpredictable or strange, so are the seasons of our lives.  Many times we will be traveling along through life and the seasons come and go; during the season of struggle in our life the season seems to slow down and move at a crawl, while a season surrounded by joy and contentment in our life may seem to move a little faster.  I wonder why?

As humans, we go through patterns and transformations throughout our lifetime, this is a natural and important part of life. During this busy spring season we are celebrating those in our lives who have accomplished a variety of things.  We are the proud parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings.  This season is a joyous one, but just like life, this season will also transform and change for each of us, as the seasons in our lives are temporary and are truly based on how we respond and react during the particular season. I recently read a great article from Adam Sicinski, founder of IQ Matrix, regarding what questions to ask yourself during your current ‘season’ and I thought about how God, our constant companion fits.  How has this season strengthened or weakened my relationship with God? How has this season helped me to enrich my relationship with those around me? How has this season helped or hindered me in showing the love of God to others?

As the seasons change, so do the seasons of our lives and those that surround us.  Take a moment to think about your current season and perhaps those you hold dear or have struggled with.  May we all continue to show all  of God’s children that we encounter the love, compassion, and kindness that has been given to us through God’s grace.

Your Sister In Christ,

Kellee Jentz