Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

I must admit to some amount of trepidation at authoring a message for our community newsletter, if for no other reason than I personally do not care much for digital reading. The more I considered the task, however, the more I came to see it as an opportunity to offer a challenge you may just find bracing. What is this challenge you ask? It is simply to live out this Christmastide.

If you feel courageous enough to ask me before Epiphany ”how was your Christmas?”, you will get a two-part answer which you may find obnoxious, but is as much about reminding myself as it is about anyone else. I'll tell you that Christmas doesn't belong to me, and then I'll say that it is ongoing. 

So often, we hear the sighing and sadness that Christmas comes and goes too quickly. But it does not. We truly have twelve days of Christmas--not merely the song. On the first day of Christmas, if you do not have the opportunity to celebrate Mass, the season will continue! Watch the movies you missed, sing the carols you have not sung, if you are out of town find a parish in your vicinity and celebrate with their community on the 30th. Consider all the preparation for this time we made during the season of Advent and lean into Christmas.

After the twelfth night, we will hear of the Epiphany and how Jesus is recognized as the Savior of all nations.  But it is Christmas now--let us celebrate and live in the present.

Merry Christmas!

Zachary Allen