Life is Complicated.

Life is complicated. The more I live it the more I notice this to be true. Perhaps that is because with age there is the chance to realize how little we can control amidst the changes and chances of this world. How often have I heard, “when I was a kid things were better.” To which I want to say, “Of course they were. You were a kid!” Getting older is the tough bit. And life doesn’t tend to become more easy with age, but perhaps we’ve learned to carry the hard stuff a bit more gently. Life remains complicated. Indeed, we will put this into words on Sunday as we begin Holy Week. Palm Sunday is a complicated day. We begin our worship by shouting “Hosanna!” and end the service crying out with, “Crucify him!” We are complex and complicated beings as humans. We are capable of unimaginable love and immense violence. We do not run from such realities as Christians. We must hold in tension our belovedness and our sinfulness. I have yet to harmonize these realities in my own life. To be honest, I’ve given up on that pursuit of perfection; rather, I’ve chosen to entrust this beautiful, complicated and mysterious life to God’s love. A love that we see and hear and contemplate during Holy Week. This Sunday, we begin telling the story of the last few days of Jesus’ life and through this story telling we discover the truth that we all are both sinner and saint at once, beloved and broken and given new life through Christ. It is a mystery worth our lives and living; a love that has the power to transform despair into hope and death into life.
Join us this Sunday as we celebrate Palm Sunday and begin the blessed journey of Holy Week together. Bishop Rob will be with us at both services and host a conversation at 9am in the parish hall. Sunday is a time for us to give thanks and reflect upon our lives and life together. While it is never uncomplicated, we do hold fast to the simple truth that God is with us and God loves us—into new life.


See you Sunday,