The Journey to an Associte Rector

Over the past eight months, we have been on a journey. The vestry determined in the winter that in order for us to keep moving forward into God’s leading it was necessary for us to explore calling an Associate Rector (that is, another priest to join our ministry). Quickly we realized that if we were to live into the future that was coming out of our Renewal Works survey and discernment, then that priest needed to be full time. This was a big commitment and a decision of faith and prayer on behalf of everyone. We launched a search team and began a long process of creating a position description and profile for the kind of priest we wanted to join our parish.

We received many wonderful candidates, enjoyed thoughtful and fun conversations, and invited finalists to meet our vestry, search team, and staff. It has been a long journey. I am a bit more tired than I expected (prayerfully discerning can take it out of you!). And, friends, I am so excited. I am overjoyed to share with you all the big news this Sunday—that is, to introduce to you who will be joining us at St. Timothy’s as our Associate Rector. You won’t want to miss this Sunday. We will be talking about our vision and mission for the coming year; introducing our new Associate Rector, who will help us get there; and celebrating God’s call in our common and individual lives to steward all that has been given to and asked of us.

This Sunday promises to be a wonderful day filled with good news. And, if you’re like me, you could use some good news these days. With all that is happening in our personal lives, from sickness or concern for others, to the felt turmoil of our national life that is on full display this week—let us be reminded and rooted in the promises of Jesus Christ. A promise that God is always with us; the promise that God is a God of endless mercy and infinite second chances. I look forward to celebrating with and seeing you on Sunday. And, I promise, I’ll stop with the suspense.

See you Sunday,