On not being a white knuckled driver thru life

Our world is full of this kind of perfectionism and performancism that we could feel like our lives are out of control if we let our death-grip off of the wheel even a bit. The competition, the drive, the busyness, the need to compare, the Instagramification of our lives (where we portray only the good, hiding the less than perfect)—all of this is a ploy to not look at ourselves truthfully and let go of some social or someone else’s ideal of “good enough”. Life can feel like what Cruella De Vil looks like behind that steering wheel. And, of course, there is another way. It is the way of faith—where trust in God directs us, where we know the freedom of being loved and valued and worthy just as we are through Christ’s love. The opposite of faith is not doubt, but certainty, which is another word for control. You and I, if we can learn anything from Jesus it is that we are not the center of our own lives, let alone the world. And friends, this is good news indeed. For you can trust and entrust all to God. Nothing is lost to God. This coming Sunday we will reflect together upon how our lives are tied up in the life of God and how this thing called the Trinity is more than an idea—it is the very heart of all that is, because the heart of God is love and relationship and gift. So, this day, and in the coming days, try and release your grip on that which is making you the most tired, most busy, most unalive and let God show you not only that you are not the center, but also that God is there, here, with you.



Fr. Nick