Reflections on the Haiti Mission Trip

In January a number of us from St. Tim’s joined a trip to Haiti organized by the Colorado Haiti Project (CHP) to visit the programs sponsored at Petit Trou de Nippes and St Paul’s School. Over the next few weeks there will be additional information and reflections about that trip and the work of CHP. This week we start with some thoughts from Linda Davidson. Linda had been involved in the very earliest trips as a nurse. She returned in January to participate in celebrating 30 years of this ministry,

I treasure the time of engaging with the students and teachers at St. Paul's last week. Previously I had been involved in medical clinics when I visited, so this was a new opportunity for me.
As we went to each class in small groups and interacted with singing, asking and answering questions in English and Creole, I rejoiced in the school's presence and ministry. Our group's offering of Itsy Bitsy Spider, Hokey Pokey, and Jesus Loves Me were met with applause and laughter. The students outdid us in spirit and gusto. In response to a question "what do you like to do for fun after school?" one girl's response shyly offered was "take a bath."

I assure you her school uniform down to her impossibly white frilly socks gave no indication that she need a bath for reasons of cleanliness. I have had her sweet face in my mind and heart since returning. In that moment I was struck with my need for washing, for cleansing, for sending down the drain my entitlement, lack of thankfulness, deep seated prejudices and lack of vision. I am desperate for hope and renewal and my brothers and sisters at St Paul's offered it to me with open hands and hearts. 
Thanks be to God for St Paul's, Colorado Haiti Project and the shared humanity that binds us together in the love of Jesus. 
Linda Davidson