The Final Sunday in Advent

From The Rector

This Sunday we celebrate the final Sunday in Advent with one service at 9am. Our combined worship is followed by the Greening of the Church as we prepare for Christmas Eve services on Monday at 4pm (Family Service and Children’s Pageant) and 8pm (Lessons and Carols), please note that both of these services have Communion. The rush of the holiday is among us—the feeling of purchasing those last gifts, preparing food, joining friends and family, perhaps travel or runs to DIA, and as I write this, the smell of a copier machine running as fast as it can to print bulletins. I’ve been challenged recently with this singular thought amidst the busy-ness around us: How would you celebrate Christmas without money? That’s a rather aggressive idea and challenges us deeply. And, it’s a reality for many in our world—for Christians all over. There might not be presents, no lavish meals, perhaps no long distance travel; there might be, more silence, more hunger, more reflection, more focus. I don’t say this to unravel our joy; rather, it is a question that has forced me to examine my own heart. What is this holiday (holy-day) about for us? Yes, it is family and friends and the closeness of one another. It is the gift of ceasing from work for a short moment, and sharing our joy. And, for me, the answer is clear—I’d be with you, and my loved ones, gathered around the Lord’s table, singing my heart out and giving thanks. Of course, the funny thing is, that’s just what we’ll do. We’ll tell the story of the gift of God’s love come down; the gift of God’s love made flesh; the gift of God’s very being as Emmanuel, God with us. Take a moment before this weekend and pause to watch this Christmas message from our Presiding Bishop—it will be a blessing. You can watch ithere.

See you Sunday,