Breaking bread together in celebration

There are few things that bring people together like some good food. In my family, we celebrate life’s big moments with food. We just can’t seem to really do anything well without breaking bread together. Food brings people together. Indeed, every week, we are brought together by a bread that gives us life and reminds us that we are God’s. We come to the altar rail and extend our hands in thanks, in need, in joy, in suffering, in faith and in fear, hoping that God will meet us there and fill us with his love and life. The deep mystery is how this happens, week after week, as we open our hands and embrace one another in this ritual, God finds us—together. This Sunday, we are going to have some fun as we break bread together. This Sunday, November 12 we conclude our Annual Campaign. After the 10am service we will gather in the Parish Hall to share in a lunch provided by the Stewardship Team. We will eat some good food and share our stories and lives with one another as we celebrate the generosity of our community and the commitment of so many to help us become who God is calling us to be in this place. Friends, we are well on our way to reaching our goal—if you haven’t made your pledge, I encourage you to prayerfully consider making it this week! You see, the table of the Lord is large and growing—there’s always another chair to be pulled up, there’s always room for another to be embraced by God’s love. We offer this embrace to one another this Sunday as we come to receive God’s grace in communion, and we see the Lord’s table extend into our Annual Campaign celebration luncheon. I look forward to seeing you there, with a full plate and a full heart.