Living life in both big and small ways 

As of late, my mind has been filled with big thought—some that aren’t really helpful. I’ve been thinking and talking a lot with our leadership here at St. Tim’s about our priorities for the coming year—in fact, this Saturday, the vestry gathers for the day to explore next steps here at St. Tim’s. My mind has been filled with big thoughts as we will host a parish conference in January about what we, as a community, believe God is calling us to be and do (more details to come next week!). I’ve been thinking a lot about who I am as your priest, and the call from God in my life—here, and now. My mind and heart have been filled with the stories of so many, our needs, our health challenges, our deep desires to connect and make a difference in our spheres of influence. And like you, I’ve been thinking about the world we live in, the continued climate of hostility and division in our society, and the ways that I can resist, but also the ways I contribute to such dynamics. These are big things and sometimes simply thinking about them can push us to our limits. It’s why I’m reminded that even the big things are connected to small things. How a cup of coffee and conversation can lead to real change. I find myself, in the midst of all that is happening, more drawn to a one-on-one conversation than a conference. I enjoy a story over a shared meal more than a presentation. It is in moments of sharing our faith, face-to-face, that I see a glimpse of the fullness of God. I think that is how life is really lived—not at 100 mph, but at the pace of a gentle walk, at 3 mph. This Sunday, we will gather together to hear the story of the Colorado Haiti Project and how through personal relationship, meaningful community, and powerful education, we can make an impact in Haiti. Join us for worship before the Thanksgiving celebrations, and let’s give thanks together for this wonderful, beautiful, and powerful life that we live in both big and small ways.