Renewing our life and ministry together

This evening at 6pm we gather at St. Tim’s to celebrate our Renewal of Ministry and the Welcoming of a New Rector, as our bishop, Rob O’Neill joins us. We will join in song, pray for God’s blessing, and break bread together as we move into the future God has for us. Our worship service tonight will mark and recognize this new beginning for us at St. Tim’s. Almost ten months ago Bethany and I and the boys joined you all in the ministry of embracing all people with the love of Jesus. Tonight, we celebrate how God continues to call us into deeper relationship, committed discipleship, and service to all. Our celebration this evening is about our shared ministry together. It is not simply about welcoming a new rector, but more importantly, about renewing our life and ministry in this place. Tonight is a celebration of our common call and common life in Christ here at St. Tim’s. So, come! Let’s sing together and pray together. Let’s laugh and grow together. Let’s break bread, enjoy some food and drink together. For the community of St. Tim’s is not the result of one person—we do not gather because I have come as your rector, but because God remains faithful in calling us to new ministry and new life together. So, come and enjoy our celebration this evening at 6pm. Childcare in the nursery will be available beginning at 5:45pm. I am looking forward to being together!