Love is what Really Matters

Thoughts from Terri:

I hope we Episcopalians are still feeling the excitement of our Presiding Bishop’s sermon at the Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. What an amazing opportunity for an amazing preacher to remind the world of the Love which is what really matters, and to spur us to dream of a world where love, truly, is the basis. For me, there’s something about summer that makes talking about love seem especially timely. Perhaps it’s the warm sun and the slightly slower pace that some people enjoy in the summer that makes it so. If we are lucky, we get time with beloved family and friends, time for children to play, time to make and enjoy summer traditions. I know not everyone has these opportunities; for many, summer is just as frenetic a season as any other! For me, summer is a reminder that God’s presence can be seen through nature—birdsong, nesting, baby birds learning to fly, trees in full leaf, a multitude of summer flowers, gardens growing. Children also grow in summer, sometimes week by week! It is a season which can feel abundant, and abundance is a characteristic of God’s love for us. The abundance of that love is meant to drench us and nourish us and fill us to overflowing, so that we cannot help but spread love around us. I pray that we will all take time to connect, even for a few moments, with something that feels like abundance, and to allow our spirits to drink that in. If abundance feels out of reach this summer for some, I pray that we will at least be touched by moments of joy, moments that remind us that Love is never far away. Let us look out for each other, as this parish does so well, sharing our joys, our sorrows, and our zucchini. God’s love for us is beyond description. Let the sun warm us, fountains cool us, and the children around us remind us over and over of the wonder of this world. Happy summer!

Terri Colburn
Priest Affiliate