St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church

Study Brunch Sessions September to Christmas 2018


Study Brunch meets Wednesday mornings at 9:30, starting Wednesday October 3.

We pray, study, laugh, snack – all together and all by 11:30.

Come when you can, leave when you must.


Why Bother with Paul When We Have Jesus?

Paul’s life, times, and ideas.



What were the people like that Paul wrote to?

If Paul came today, what one thing would he want us to hear?

If Paul set the tone for Christianity for his and our day,

what kind of Christianity did he envision?

October 3 to November 7

To view or download material from our sessions together, click on the date below.

October 3: Introduction to the Series

October 10: Paul, His Community, Faith-fulness, and Galatians

October 17: Paul, Galatians, Romans, Abraham, and Equality

October 31: Paul’s Letter to the Philippians and Adaptability



A Special One Day Only Session: October 24

Colorado Ballot Initiatives

Come one Wednesday when we work through the initiatives on this November's ballot.

For online Information about the Ballot Initiatives Click on the links below

Blue Book

Your State Representative and Senator

Information on Financing

Representative and senator in Washington


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Why Do We Do What We Do?

Origins and Meaning of Sunday Pew Aerobics

Why do you attend Sunday service?

What part of the service is most meaningful to you? (And that just might be the coffee hour afterwards!)

How does our Sunday service tie to the early Church and to the Reformation?


Why Do Women Always Get the Short Stick in the Church?

Her-story of Women in Christian Ministry

France_Paris_Notre-Dame-Adam_and_Eve Female Serpent.jpg

Didn’t I hear somewhere there were women priests in the early Church?

Are there any women in ministry in the Bible?

How about those Vestal Virgins in Rome?