Children's Ministry

Sunday School

 Summer is here! Children's Sunday School will continue to meet at 10:00 am throughout the summer and will consist of a great mixture of Godly Play stories, games & activities, and working in the community garden. We look forward to mixing it up this summer and enjoying the outdoors in God’s creation. Many of the kids are very excited to begin working in the community garden to see if we can beat last years record setting pumpkin harvest numbers!

We have some exciting changes for this fall so stay tuned!

Registration for the fall session is underway.  Please complete the registration and permission forms below and return to

St. Tim's Sunday School Registration Fall 2017

St. Tim's Medical/Permission Form Fall 2017


Children’s Communion Class

Families in the Episcopal Church follow a variety of traditions in regard to children receiving Communion. Many of us did not receive until after Confirmation as teenagers. Some are guided by the Roman Catholic practice of taking First Communion early in elementary school. Still others follow the ancient Christian understanding (affirmed by our Prayer Book) that every baptized member, whatever their age, is welcome to receive Communion.

At St. Timothy’s we regard this decision as a responsibility of the parents, and Rev. Michael informs them about these traditions and supports them whatever they decide. But whatever that choice may be, it’s important for our children to develop a relationship with this sacrament, which is at the heart of our common life.

Do you have children who are ready to receive the Bread and the Wine? Communion classes have begun, but it’s not too late. Please join us in the GODLY PLAY SPACE at 9:00AM on Sundays to learn about this important liturgy.